Claris Pen (gray spring, Claris logo)

Claris describes itself as “a subsidiary of Apple Inc.” The company began in 1987 as a company that Apple “spun off” to make software for the Apple II and eventually the Macintosh. In 1988 Claris purchased a popular database program FileMaker Inc. In 1998 Claris changed its name to FileMaker Inc. and returned its popular ClarisWorks product to Apple (changing the product’s name to AppleWorks). In 2019, FileMaker Inc. went back to the Claris name by rebranding as Claris International.

This Claris pen is a dark gray metal spring with a white clip on which a blue Claris logo is printed. This style Claris logo was used throughout the 1990s.

Sources: Claris International, Wikipedia

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