Ceramic Post-It holder (c. 1995)

This Post-It note holder is made from white ceramic and features a printed classic multicolor Apple logo at the top center. The holder contains a custom-printed stack of Post-It notes with a red watermark Apple logo printed in the center of each note (the Post-Its are authentic Post-It brand). 

The holder is 4.5 inches tall, 3.125 inches wide, and sits at an angle that tapers from 0.75 inch in the back to 0.25 inch in the front. The bottom of the holder is covered in a black, non-skid material. The holder is packaged in its original gold box.

The Post-Its are white (although they now discoloring with age) with a light watermark Apple logo printed in red. The Post-Its are the standard 3 x 3-inch square size.

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