Band Apple Watch Hermès Single Tour (44 mm, Bleu Navy, 2020)

The Apple Watch Hermès features a “classic Hermès design.” According to Apple’s website, the band is “Handmade by artisans in France from supple Swift leather. The stainless steel buckle recalls those on the straps of a saddle, a nod to the equestrian heritage of Hermès.”

Apple’s Hermès Leather collection included both “single tour” and “double tour” styles. The double tour offered the unique style of wrapping twice around the wrist, while the single tour was the traditional single wrap. Depending on the style, Apple Watch Hermès bands were offered at premium prices between $319–$849 in nylon and leather.

The Apple Watch Hermès designs were a part of what Apple described as an “iconic collaboration” and said, “Apple Watch Hermès brings innovation and style to the forefront of your wrist.” Like other Apple Watch bands, the colors and patterns change seasonally and offer “a sophisticated palette of energetic brights and subtle seasonal tones on leather and woven nylon bands. Available in a wide range of styles and colorways in Double Tour or Single Tour.”

Interestingly, the Hermès website offered details about this band not provided on Apple’s website. Namely, Hermès describes Swift leather:

“This extremely supple, sophisticated leather is named after Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels, to highlight its resemblance to Gulliver calfskin, which is no longer featured in today’s collections.
First appeared in the collections: 2004
Appearance: Almost smooth with a delicate shine; lightly marked grain that is sometimes hardly noticeable
Feel: Soft and tender
Hand: Supple and generous
Change over time: Becomes even more supple”

Editorial comment: It’s like butter.

Further, Hermès provided a description that is arguably clearer than Apple’s:

“You can match this band with any stainless steel Apple Watch case (Series 7 or previous versions). The 41 mm band works with the 38 mm, 40 mm and 41 mm cases; the 45 mm band works with the 42 mm, 44 mm and 45 mm cases.”

Technically, this band fits any Apple Watch, but stainless steel on aluminum is apparently considered très gauche. Although seemingly non-standard, I have titled this post using the product name provided by Hermès.

Finally, I don’t get the opportunity to use my four years of high school French often, but I have noticed that Americans frequently mispronounce the brand name Hermès. This video provides a great example of a native French speaker pronouncing the name. [Roughly, it’s pronounced air-MEHZ, but it’s best to hear it.]

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