Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band (42 mm, Black, Space Gray Stainless Steel Buckle, 2017)

The Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band was available from 2016–2019. This band design was the first to include plastic connecting “lugs” to attach to the watch.

This Black Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band was available beginning in Fall 2017. This example fits the 42 mm Apple Watch. Although this band is called “black,” it is primarily gray. It has a Space Gray Stainless Steel Buckle and features three thick stripes in gray and dark gray with the edges in black.

According to Apple:

“Every Woven Nylon band is made from over 500 threads woven together in a unique, colorful pattern. Monofilaments connect four layers of the weave to create a single durable band with a comfortable, fabric-like feel. Available in seven vibrant colors”

Unlike the Apple Sport Loop bands that shipped with two sizes in one box, each Woven Nylon box included one size band with twelve notches. The 38 mm version was designed to fit wrists 125–195 mm, and the 42 mm fit 145–215 mm wrists.

No new Apple Watch Woven Nylon band styles were introduced after Summer 2018.

Source: 9to5mac, Bandbreite app

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