Apple Watch Ultra Ocean Band (49mm, Yellow, Fall 2022)

The Ocean Band was released along with the Apple Watch Ultra in 2022. The Apple Watch Ultra also debuted three additional new band designs, the Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and the Ocean Band shown here.

The Ocean Band was described by Apple:

“The Ocean Band is molded in a high performance elastomer with a tubular geometry allowing it to stretch for a perfect fit, even over a wetsuit. The corrosion-resistant titanium buckle and adjustable loop secure the band during high-speed water sports. A band extension is sold separately to fit over your thickest wetsuit.”

The band is advertised as “One Size (Fits Most)” and fits 130–200mm wrists. My 215mm wrist required the Ocean Band Extension that is sold separately.

Apple offers additional information about the Ocean band in its Apple Watch Ultra press release. Apple notes that “the Ocean Band is designed specifically for extreme water sports and recreational diving with a titanium buckle and corresponding spring-loaded loop.”

The Apple Watch Ultra was advertised, among other uses, as made for “Ocean and Water Sports Enthusiasts.” In all of Apple’s press examples, models who were engaged in water activities were wearing the yellow Ocean band.

A feature new to the Apple Watch Ultra was also mentioned: “When submerged, Apple Watch Ultra automatically launches a new Depth app, which displays time, current depth, water temperature, duration under water, and max depth reached.”

This band was available in three colors: white, midnight, and yellow. This example is yellow. The Ocean Band was compatible with Apple Watch models including 44mm, 45mm, and 49mm.

Source: Apple (store, press release)

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