Apple Watch Hermès Jumping Single Tour band (44mm, Rouge de Cœur/Rouge H, 2021)

The Apple Watch Hermès Jumping Single Tour band is described by Apple:

“Apple Watch Hermès adds a bit of sport to the collection. The Jumping Single Tour features bands crafted from a woven textile with a vibrant design that seems to leap off the wrist. It’s designed to be swimproof and is available in two colorways.”

The Hermès website adds:

“You can match this band with any stainless steel Apple Watch case (Series 7 or previous versions). The 41 mm band works with the 38 mm, 40 mm and 41 mm cases; the 45 mm band works with the 42 mm, 44 mm and 45 mm cases.”

Further, the Hermès website specifies that the “H” refers to its “H Vibration” motif, the band is made in France, and it fits a wrist circumference from 5.5 to 6.5 inches.

Like other Apple | Hermès bands, this band shipped in an orange textured box encased in a peel-away plastic cover. Inside, Hermès bands are placed in a brownish-gray microfiber pouch with the same feel as Apple’s Polishing Cloth.

Sources: Apple, Hermès

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