Apple Collection

I began collecting Apple computers in the late 1990s when I couldn’t part with my PowerBook 1400c after I upgraded to a PowerBook G3. Since I appreciate Apple design, I also collected posters, advertisements, and various logo items over the years. When iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices were released, it seemed logical to collect those items as well. More than twenty years later, I have an extensive collection of all things Apple.

I have always done my best to artfully display my collection in my home over the years without making my house look like a warehouse. I’m to the point where most would agree that my theme is mostly Apple, but I still make the attempt to make the display tasteful. Many of my friends refer to my house as an Apple Museum. I don’t (and can’t) disagree.

Beginning in late 2018, I decided to start an official catalog of my collection. My goal is simple: document at least one item per week and post it on my Apple Collection blog here on I’m using a Nikon D3500 (with 18–35mm lens) and an inexpensive lighting setup. Each blog entry is planned to include some basic information, occasional personal commentary, and photos of the item(s). I’m new to this kind of photography so please bear with me as I learn the process.

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