An Overview of Apple Products brochure (1996)

This quad-fold brochure from 1996 is titled “An Overview of Apple Products” with the subtitle “Choosing the system that’s right for you.” The opening 2-panel spread is an overview of the brochure with the headline “Apple Macintosh: Ease-of-use, power, compatibility, and multimedia.”

Fully unfolded, the brochure reveals 4-panel spreads that alternate between a photo featuring a product and overview, followed by a spread with a product specifications grid. The sections include: Macintosh Performa and Power Macintosh Computers, Macintosh PowerBook Computers, Displays and Printers, and Apple Servers and Services.

The end pages of the brochure shift focus to discuss ways to use Apple products. Each category uses a four-panel spread and includes Communications, Multimedia, and Publishing. These last three sections include several Apple peripherals from the time, including the GeoPort Telecom Adapter Kit, the Newton MessagePad 130, AppleCD 600e/600i drives, AppleDesign Powered Speakers II, Apple ColorOne Scanners, and QuickTake 150 digital cameras.

Folded, this brochure measures 3.875 x 8.25 inches. I also have a similar version of this brochure from 1995 with product specifications from that year.

QuickTake 150 (1995)

The QuickTake 150 was Apple’s second consumer digital camera, replacing the QuickTake 100. The camera was built by Kodak and had a resolution of 640×480 pixels at maximum resolution (0.3 Megapixels). 

Compared to the QuickTake 100 before it, the QuickTake 150 could store 16 full-resolution images (instead of 8) and could connect to a Windows computer. Further, the QuickTake 150 included a clip-on close-up lens.

In my experience as a school Technology Director, we used QuickTake 100, 150, and 200 digital cameras extensively for class projects. They were relatively easy to use and connected to a Mac serial port for quick transfer to the Mac. Although the QuickTake line was not the first digital camera, it was among the first successful consumer cameras available.

This QuickTake 150 camera is shown both with and without its protective black leather case. The case was very comfortable and made the camera difficult to drop with its Velcro strap.

Several other accessories were also available for the QuickTake 150. These included a black leather case with an embossed Apple logo, a shoulder strap for the leather case, a neck strap for the QuickTake 150, and a wide-angle lens for the QuickTake 150 in its original protective wrap inside its vinyl case.