Lanyard (black, red, white logotype, c. 1990)

This lanyard is black with a red wooden bead accent. Its style appears to place it in the 1990s. This lanyard was acquired from the estate of a former Apple Education employee and was likely used in the 1990s at education events.

The cord of the lanyard features a white Apple logotype in Apple Garamond, Apple’s corporate font used between 1984 and 2003. The manufacturer is shown on a white tag printed with he name KOOCHY gear.

I have found similarly designed items by this manufacturer on eBay branded with other company logos. Although the company is no longer active, it now appears to be associated with the company PROMOVISION, specializing in custom lanyards.

I also have a similar version of this lanyard in my collection without the manufacturer tag.


Event badge (2018)

On March 27, 2018, Apple held an education event at Lane Tech College Preparatory High School in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

The event was invitation-only and when attendees checked in, they were given a color-coded badge. The color on the badge assisted with auditorium seating during the event.

The event began with a keynote by Tim Cook and others that focused on Apple’s commitment to education, as well as apps and services used by schools. Specific topics included Apple’s part in the ConnectED initiative, the release of a new Generation 5 9.7-inch iPad with support for Apple Pencil (and Logitech Crayon), major updates to Apple’s Schoolwork and Classroom apps, and examples from teachers using Swift Playgrounds in the classroom.

After the keynote, attendees were invited into Lane Tech classrooms to test out and see products and services.

I attended this event live and after the keynote, I found myself in the room with Apple CEO Tim Cook. He was interviewed by Chicago news outlets and later spoke with Chicago’s governor at the time, Bruce Rauner.

This event badge measures 9.5 x 6.5 cm and is clipped to a black nylon lanyard. It is printed on thick paper (similar to a photo matte) and embossed with a “recycle” symbol. The Apple logo printed on both sides and the edges of the badge are teal.

Source: Apple

iPod shuffle (original, 512 MB, 2005)

The original iPod shuffle featured 512 MB or 1.0 GB of flash memory in a 3.3 by 0.98 by 0.33-inch case with an integrated USB connector. Like all iPod shuffle models, it lacked a display. The name of the iPod refers to its ability to shuffle among the 120 or 240 songs its capable of storing.

Like other iPod models, the shuffle can be used to store files other than music files, a feature that worked particularly well on the original shuffle with its integrated USB port.

The original iPod shuffle shipped with a white lanyard and a cap.