iPod shuffle Generation 4 (2 GB, pink, 2010)

The iPod shuffle Generation 4 is a rare example of Apple reversing a design theme and going back to a design closer to a previous design, while still improving upon it. The iPod shuffle Generation 4 has a design similar to the Generation 2 iPod shuffle, but it is smaller and adds a “VoiceOver” feature that reads the name of songs, artists, and playlists out loud.

Between the Generation 2 and 4, the Generation 3 iPod shuffle had no controls on the iPod device, the Generation 4 added the clickable ring buttons back to the iPod.

This iPod shuffle is 1.14 inches tall, 1.24 inches wide, and 0.34 inch deep, including the clip. It weighs 0.44 ounce (12.5 grams). According to Apple, this iPod could play up to 15 hours of audio. Unlike the iPod shuffle Generation 2 that shipped with a custom USB-powered charging base, this Generation 4 shipped with a short USB-to-3.5mm cable.

The iPod shuffle Generation 4 was available in five colors: silver (with a black button ring); and blue, green, orange, and pink (with a white button ring). All models have 2 GB of storage, or up to 500 songs. This example is pink and includes the original packaging.

Sources: Apple, EveryMac

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