Sport Band, Pride Edition (M/L, 2022)

On May 9, 2023, Apple introduced this new Apple Watch Pride Edition Sport Band. This Sport Band was introduced along with a matching watch face and iOS wallpaper. The design is a first for Apple and includes the most colors ever incorporated into a Sport Band. Apple described the Sport Band:

“…the new Sport Band design showcases the original pride flag rainbow colors and five others — black and brown symbolize Black and Latin communities, in addition to those who have passed away from or are living with HIV/AIDS, while light blue, pink, and white represent transgender and nonbinary individuals.”

Even the band’s manufacturing process is unique to this design:

“This year’s design integrates a joyful rainbow of geometric shapes on a white base, which are compression-molded into the final band. In the forming process, the base material flows around each individual shape, creating small variations in their layout. No two bands are exactly alike, reflecting the individuality of all members of the LGBTQ+ community.”

The following organizations are supported by Apple’s sales of this Sport Band:

  • Equality Federation Institute
  • Encircle
  • Equality North Carolina
  • Equality Texas
  • Gender Spectrum
  • Human Rights Campaign
  • The National Center for Transgender Equality
  • The Trevor Project
  • ILGA World

Source: Apple (Product, Newsroom)

Apple Watch Sport Band (45mm, Graphite Stainless Steel Pin, Midnight, 2021)

The Apple Watch Sport Band was made from a flexible rubber material called fluoroelastomer with a metal pin closure. Sizes ranged from S/M, M/L, or L/XL. When purchasing an Apple Watch Sport Band, the S/M and M/L sizes are included in the box, allowing the band to fit wrists 140–210 mm. This example is the less common L/XL size.

Apple describes the Apple Watch Sport band:

“Made from a custom high-performance fluoroelastomer, the Sport Band is durable and strong, yet surprisingly soft. The smooth, dense material drapes elegantly across your wrist and feels comfortable next to your skin. An innovative pin-and-tuck closure ensures a clean fit.”

The Apple Watch Sport band has been available in the most colors so far. As of July 2022, 113 Apple Sport Band colors were available with an additional 37 Nike Sport Band colors (according to the Bandbreite app).

This example is Midnight, Apple’s current name for “black.” It includes L/XL size bands for the 45mm Apple Watch, and is also compatible with earlier larger-sized Apple Watch models.

Source: Apple, Bandbreite app

Apple Desktop Publishing Pin (c. 1990)

This small square lapel pin uses raised gold metal and a primarily black background with a design featuring a red enamel Apple logo, an original Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) Mouse, and the words “Apple Desktop Publishing” cast in the Apple Garamond font.

The pin measures 16mm square. The back of the lapel pin uses a protruding perpendicular pin with a butterfly clutch to secure the pin to clothing.

Source: Wikipedia