Triangle Keychain (c. 1995)

This triangle-shaped keychain is mostly black with a white printed Apple logo in the center. Each of the three equilateral corners has a different accent color (red, yellow, and green) with a silver keyring attached to each of the three corners.

The green corner is marked “MADE IN CHINA,” and each side is just over 2 inches long. The keychain is approximately 0.25 inch thick.

Leather ID/Card Holder with Key Ring (c. 1990)

This Leather ID/Card Holder with Key Ring features two pockets on one side, a clear plastic-covered window on the opposite side, and a zippered pocket in the center. The black holder is made from genuine leather and features an embossed Apple logo and the Apple logotype printed in the Apple Garamond font (used by Apple from 1984–2003).

The holder was made by Eisinger-Smith, Inc., a company that began in 1980 and as of now (2021) specializes in custom printed golf accessories. The Leather ID/Card Holder with Key Ring measures 3 x 4 inches.

Source: Eisinger-Smith