Knit t-shirt, black with white Apple Education logo (M, c. 2005)

This black knit t-shirt features an embroidered Apple Education logotype on the upper-left front. The logotype is in Apple’s Myriad font, used by Apple from approximately 2003–2017.

The back of the shirt has an an embroidered Apple logo in white at the top center.

According to its tag, the knit shirt is made by PORT AUTHORITY, an apparel and accessory brand launched in 1994. The shirt is a Medium size.

Sources: Wikipedia (Apple typography), Port Authority

Mindful Minute Fleece (2019)

This Mindful Minute fleece was only available to Apple employees who participated in and completed the “Mindful Minute” challenge.

According to MacRumors writer mikedop, who has extensively researched and written about the challenges:

“Those who completed the 2019 Mindful Minute challenge received a soft fleece blanket. The blanket measures four feet by six feet in size (4×6) and contains no designs except for an embroidered mindfulness icon and Apple logo in a light teal.”

The blanket is made from black fleece. For the logo design, the mindfulness icon was simplified to use six interlocking circles in a circle. The design is similar to the Breathe app (which uses eight transparent interlocking circles).

Source: MacRumors