iPod Socks (2004)

iPod Socks were arguably among the most unusual accessories created and sold by Apple. While visually interesting, their functionality and user interface are questionable because they provide limited protection and allow no access to iPod controls. 

When Steve Jobs introduced iPod Socks in 2004, even he seemed unconvinced, saying tongue-in-cheek that Apple was introducing “a revolutionary new product for your iPod.” Among other descriptions, Jobs noted that iPod Socks “keep your iPod warm on cold days,” all while the audience laughed along with his description of the product. 

Six Socks were released in November 2004 (in time for the holidays) in six colors: gray, pink, blue, green, purple, and orange. They retailed for $29.

The Socks were knit from cotton and each had a two-sided logo tag with an Apple icon on one side and an iPod logo on the other. When they were released, the box specified that they were compatible with all iPods. At the time, that included iPod Generation 1–4, iPod mini, iPod photo, and iPod shuffle.

These were so unusual that I wanted an example for my collection. Unfortunately, my iPod socks shipped incomplete from an Amazon third party, missing the gray sock.

Source: iLounge.com