iPhone Bluetooth Headset cable (A1221, 2007)

The iPhone Bluetooth Headset cable is a unique 30-pin USB charging cable with an additional, offset magnetic charging port to accommodate the iPhone Bluetooth Headset. This allowed iPhone Bluetooth Headset users to charge both the original iPhone and the iPhone Bluetooth Headset from the same cable at the same time.

Source: Apple

PowerBook Battery Recharger (for PowerBook 140–180, 1992)

Several PowerBook models from the early- to mid-1990s all shared a common swappable battery, models including PowerBook 140–180. This PowerBook Battery Recharger was designed to charge two swappable PowerBook batteries. At the time, Apple’s laptop designs did not encase the battery inside the laptop, and users were able to swap a low battery for a charged one on the fly.

Until I acquired this PowerBook Battery Recharger, I had never seen one. The color is greenish gray and contrasts slightly from the PowerBook laptops of the time, but matches the tint of an Apple case designed for the same batteries. I acquired the this charger and the case at the same time.