Studio Display (original, 1998)

The original Apple Studio Display (LCD), was introduced along with the Power Macintosh G3/300 DT and MT, two powerful (at the time) beige G3 towers. Uncharacteristically, the original Studio Display did not match the beige towers, but the design was quite futuristic at the time with translucent dark blue plastics. The Studio Display was released just months before the original iMac which would also use translucent plastics. 

There are three versions of this display in three different colors. The original was dark blue. The next version was blueberry and white, and the final version was graphite and white.

The original Studio Display requires System 7.5 or later. It has a 15.1-inch active-matrix LCD display on an adjustable stand with ADB and S-Video in ports. This display was Apple’s first to begin the transition between CRT and flat-panel screens. It supported 1024×768 resolution and weighed 12.1 pounds.

This model is made with translucent white and graphite plastics. This version and the and blueberry/white model matched the G3 and G4 towers available at the time.