Apple CD media (1996)

My collection of Apple CD and DVD media includes operating systems, applications, software collections that shipped with devices, promotional media, diagnostic tools, and educational content. In general, Apple-branded CD or DVD examples in original packaging have been presented separately, while single discs or collections of discs are presented chronologically.

Apple CDs from 1996 include:

  • Macintosh System 7.5 Update 2.0 For system software versions 7.5, 7.5.1, and 7.5.2 (U95073-052B, 1996)
  • Apple LaserWriter CD-ROM Version 1.0 For Mac OS and Windows (CD Version 1.0, 691-1229-A, 1996)
  • Apple Color Printing CD (1996)
  • Apple Macintosh CD, Power Macintosh 5260/100 (SSW Version 7.5.3, CD Version 1.0, 691-0992-A, 1996)
  • Macintosh PowerBook 1400 series (SSW Version 7.5.3, CD Version 1.0, 691-0954-A, 1996)
  • Apple Macintosh CD, Macintosh PowerBook System Software for PowerBook 5300/2300/190 computers and PowerPC hardware upgrades (SSW Version 7.5.2, CD Version 1.2.1, 691-0911-A, 1996)
  • Apple Internet Connection Kit (Version 1.1.5, 691-1096-A, 1996)
  • Apple Network Administrator Toolkit (U96073-026A, 1996)

In 1996 Macintosh computer system software was able to fit on a single CD. Apple used a standard white CD envelope with a white cloth-like back and a clear plastic front for system CDs. When multiple CDs were required, each CD shipped in a separate standard envelope.

System 7.5 Apple Watch (1995)

The Apple Watch was released in 2015, right? Not exactly.

Twenty years before the (smart) Apple Watch, Apple offered a product they referred to as an Apple Watch as a “FREE gift” for customers who updated their operating system to System 7.5. From May 1 to July 31, 1995, Apple allowed customers who paid $134.99 for System 7.5 to select between two gifts, the software application Conflict Catcher 3 (by Norton to resolve Mac system extension problems) or this Apple Watch. An article written in 1994 that is (surprisingly) still available online (as of February 2020) outlined all the methods to upgrade to System 7.5.

The Apple Watch (1995) was not a smart watch, but it was high-style for the mid-1990s. The watch followed the “Memphis” design aesthetic that originated in Milan, Italy. In an article presenting ten iconic examples of Memphis design, the origin of the style is reported as, “The Memphis Group…a collaborative design group founded by Italian designer Ettore Sottsass” (Creative Bloq). This Apple Watch is included among ten designs in the article. The style itself is “characterized by ephemeral design featuring colorful and abstract decoration as well as asymmetrical shapes, sometimes arbitrarily alluding to exotic or earlier styles” (Wikipedia).

The Memphis Design group is still represented online at Even a cursory look at the designs on the site reveals an unmistakable connection to the look of the 1995 Apple Watch.

As an Apple collector, I have been searching for this Apple Watch for many years. I was able to acquire an example from a friend of mine from Minnesota.

If you wish to see the original print advertisement for this Apple Watch offer, I found a version published in the June 1995 MacWorld magazine. The website has digitized past MacWorld issues and a PDF is available here. Please see magazine page 82 for the full-page ad.

Sources: Cult of Mac, Creative Bloq, Wikipedia, TidBITS