Apple USB Keyboard (strawberry, 1998)

The Apple USB Keyboard design was the first Apple keyboard available in translucent plastic and was released with the original iMac in matching Bondi blue. As the name implies, it connected to the computer using USB and included two additional USB ports on the right and left rear of the keyboard. This keyboard removed the “extended” keys, but retained the right-side numeric keypad. The Apple USB Keyboard includes a single support leg spanning the entire width of the keyboard to slightly elevate the back of the keyboard. This was the last Apple keyboard design to include a power button.

This example is strawberry (dark pink) and was shipped with a strawberry iMac. In addition to strawberry, this keyboard was also available in Bondi blue, graphite, tangerine, lime, blueberry, and grape.

As of 2020 Apple has released approximately 20 external keyboard designs. In general, Apple Macintosh keyboards are different from standard keyboards because they include a Command key (⌘) for shortcuts; an Option key (⌥) for entering diacritical marks and special characters; and a Help or fn (function) key. Earlier Apple keyboards also included a power key (◁), while newer keyboards include eject (⏏).

Source: Wikipedia

iMac G3/333 (strawberry, 1999)

The iMac G3/333 featured a 333 MHz PowerPC 750 (G3) processor, 32 MB of RAM, and a 6.0 GB EIDE hard drive. The screen was a 15-inch CRT display.

This iMac was offered in five different colors: lime (lime green), strawberry (pinkish-red), blueberry (bright blue), grape (purple), and tangerine (orange-yellow). The previous version of this iMac was offered in the exact same colors.

Apart from the faster 333 MHz processor, this iMac was identical to the iMac G3/266 before it.