Central Operations Executive Briefing Center Black Leather Portfolio (c. 1990)

This black leather portfolio was made by the company Hazel CID (America’s Case Maker). The corners of the portfolio are made from gold-colored metal, and the lower-right corner of the cover is embossed with an Apple logo and then words “Central Operations Executive Briefing Center.”

Apple’s “Central Operations Executive Briefing Center” was located in Chicago. It is now located in a different building in Chicago and is known as the Chicago Executive Briefing Center.

The interior of the portfolio includes a vinyl pocket on the left side and a slot on the right side to hold a pad of paper. The center of the portfolio includes a cutout tab to hold a pen.

The portfolio measures __x__.

Gray Linen Portfolio with Multicolor Apple Logo (c. 1990)

This gray portfolio features a textured linen outer finish with a multicolor embroidery Apple logo on the upper-left front cover. The outer edges are stitched.

The inside of the portfolio is made from gray vinyl. The left side has a gray vinyl pocket, and the right side has a slot to hold a pad of paper. The left side also includes a curved slot to hold a business card vertically.

The left-bottom-center of the interior has a black tag with the words DART Manufacturing Co. Made In U.S.A. According to my research, DART merged with Senator USA in 2007. Both companies made promotional items and Senator is still in operation.

The portfolio measures 12.5 x 9.375 inches.