Luggage Lock (c. 2009)

This Apple-branded Luggage Lock may have been available at the Apple Company Store at the Infinite Loop Campus in Cupertino, California. It is packaged in a black gift box with an Apple logo, a UPC code, and the part number T5132LL/A.

This unique item is made from metal and is 1.5 inches square and 0.25 inches thick. The Luggage Lock has a three-number combination lock along the bottom with a combination that can be set by the user. Once set, a 6-inch braided metal cable allows the user to lock their luggage with this device.

The Luggage Lock has a smooth finish that is champagne colored, and the braided cable is silver. The front of the lock is printed with a white Apple logo, and a patent number is engraved in the back.

The Luggage Lock includes a 2-page instruction manual that teachers the user how to set the combination and thread a metal luggage identification card through the cable. Although the metal luggage identification card is not included in the gift box, my collection includes a metal luggage tag that may have been sold along side this lock.

Apple Key Fob (c. 2005)

This key fob is an oval shape, made of metal, and has a champagne-color matte finish. The outside edge of the fob is highly polished silver, and matches the finish of the loop through the hole at the top. The front of the fob features a textured off-white Apple logo.

The back of the fob is blank and uses the champagne-color matte finish.

The key fob is 2 inches tall and 1 1/8 inches wide. The loop at the top adds an additional 3/8 inch to the length.

The colors, finishes, and overall weight give this key fob a luxurious look and feel.

Apple Desktop Publishing Pin (c. 1990)

This small square lapel pin uses raised gold metal and a primarily black background with a design featuring a red enamel Apple logo, an original Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) Mouse, and the words “Apple Desktop Publishing” cast in the Apple Garamond font.

The pin measures 16mm square. The back of the lapel pin uses a protruding perpendicular pin with a butterfly clutch to secure the pin to clothing.

Source: Wikipedia