Apple Remote Desktop 3 box (2006)

This version of Apple Remote Desktop was released in 2006.

According to Apple, “Apple Remote Desktop 3 is a suite of integrated desktop management tools that facilitate a wide range of IT tasks. Using a single affordable product, you can distribute software, control and configure computers, offer live online help and training, run detailed reports, and implement security policies. Because Apple Remote Desktop allows you to work remotely and efficiently, you can accomplish more in less time—without ever needing to leave your desk and often without interrupting your users.”

This PDF from 2003 was still available on Apple’s website in 2020.

Source: Apple

Apple CD and DVD media (2006)

My collection of Apple CD and DVD media includes operating systems, applications, software collections that shipped with devices, promotional media, diagnostic tools, and educational content. In general, Apple-branded CD or DVD examples in original packaging have been presented separately, while single discs or collections of discs are presented chronologically.

Apple CDs and DVDs from 2006 include:

  • iLife ’06 Install DVD (Version 6.0, 2Z691-5672-A, 2006)
  • iMac G5 Mac OS X Install Disc 1 (Mac OS version 10.4.7, AHT version 3A111, Disc version 1.0, 2Z691-5859-A, 2006)
  • Mighty Mouse Software (Version 1.2, 2Z691-5799-A, 2006)
  • Apple Remote Desktop 3 (Version 3.0, 0Z691-5595-A, 2006)