GarageBand Jam Pack box (original, 2004)

GarageBand was released on January 6, 2004. GarageBand has always included an extensive collection of sounds (loops), software instruments, and amplifier effects. Later in 2004, Apple released this first add-on pack to GarageBand, Jam Pack.

This is the original retail box for the first GarageBand JamPack from 2004.

The box indicates that this Jam Pack adds more loops (over 2,000), additional realistic instruments (over 100), custom effects (over 100), and 15 new guitar amplifiers.

Source: Wikipedia

Pro Speakers (2001)

Apple Pro Speakers were introduced with the Power Mac G4 (Digital Audio) and later shipped with the iMac G4. These speakers required a Mac with a built-in amplifier and a proprietary audio jack to connect.

Apple described these speakers as “designed by Harman/Kardon,” once a high-end audio company now owned by Samsung. Harman/Kardon also designed the popular iSub subwoofer and SoundSticks in partnership with Apple that were released in 2000. In both the Apple Pro Speakers and SoundSticks, Apple contributed the industrial design and mechanical engineering, while Harman/Kardon manufactured the audio components of the product.

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