Apple Color Graphics Sampler CD (1991)

Back in 1991, working with color on a computer—even a Mac—was apparently a novel activity. So novel that Apple released this Apple Color Graphics Sampler CD to showcase the benefits of color. Although basic color had been displaying on Apple screens since the Apple II in 1977, it took until 1991 for color to become a feature that regular people could produce and control in documents.

The CD is “designed to help you easily see the benefits of using color on the Apple™ Macintosh™ computer. We’ve provided the sampler so you can quickly see color performance—right after you pull your Macintosh monitor out of the box.”

Among other assets, the CD contains two image folders, 24-bit and 8-bit, and demos of applications including MacDraw Pro, Pixelpaint Pro, MacroMind Director, and Photoshop 1.0. It also has screensavers Dark Side of the Mac, Flowfazer, and Moire 3.02.

Incidentally, this is the earliest Apple-branded CD-ROM in my collection.

Source: MacWorld

Macintosh Color Classic (1993)

The Macintosh Color Classic was the last of the classic all-in-one Macintosh designs adding a color screen and fresh interpretation of the classic boxy design of its predecessors. At the same time, it shared similar design language as the Macintosh LC 520 and LC 575, but in a smaller form factor.

The Macintosh Color Classic featured a 10-inch Trinitron CRT display at 512×384 in 8-bit color. True to the classic design, it included a 1.44 MB auto-inject SuperDrive (floppy drive), but unlike the original Macintosh computers, the Color Classic housed an internal 40-160 MB hard drive.

The original price of the Macintosh Color Classic was $1,399.