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Matt J. Fuller, Ed.D.

Chief Technology Officer, Barrington Community Unit School District 220

(Barrington, IL, USA).

Apple Distinguished Educator. Designer. Musician. Presenter.

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Creating a Technology-Integrated Environment
for Our Students

Over 150 students and three teachers participated in this study through surveys, discussions, co-planning, and teaching and learning activities. The result was a set of eight specific strategies for twenty-first century educators.

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Technology Integration
in Our Students’ Lives

This ethnographic study focuses on the technology uses of students in Grades 3–8. Seventeen focus groups were conducted during this year-long study. Findings in eight categories inform technology integration in teaching and learning.

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Policies Impacting a
One-to-One Mobile
Learning Environment

The focus of this study is to evaluate current and recommend new school board policies to implement and maintain a one-to-one mobile learning initiative using iPads in a K–8 school district.