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I have added a Shows page (to the right or at the bottom, depending on your device). This was an interesting data-gathering exercise. I began by looking at my old blog posts since I often wrote reviews or reactions to the shows I saw back when I maintained my first blog (on iWeb).

Next, I looked at my Facebook posts going back until about 2006. This was an increasingly slow process since scrolling down (back in time) in Facebook loads more and more content. I discovered 2 tips to look back in history:

  1. Use the mobile site on computer: The mobile site includes much less clutter and, thus, less loading of extra stuff to slow down the process.
  2. At one point, I was offered a link to view posts from a particular year: When I clicked on this link, I realized I could change the year in the URL and move back in time far more quickly.

After I extracted performances from Facebook, I looked at my Google Calendar going back as far as I could. Unfortunately, I only had my current work Google Calendar for the past 2 years since when I switched jobs, I lost access to my previous district’s Google Calendar. Apple’s Calendar was also little help since old Apple calendars disappeared when Apple switched from iCal/MobileMe to Calendar/iCloud.

Check out about 100 performances I attended on my Shows page. I’ll add more as I rediscover more data.

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